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Hard Candy MV - A Pain That I'm Used To  
06:52pm 03/05/2010

Song: A Pain That I'm Used To
Artist: Depeche Mode
Time: 3:01
Fandom: Hard Candy
Pairings: Jeff/Hayley, but not in the positive sense
Crossposted: fan_vids
Summary/Warnings: If you have not yet seen Hard Candy with Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson, then this fanvid spoils the entire movie, right up to the ending. Additionally, this fanvid deals with some mature (I suppose?) subject matter; nothing really explicit—although the bit of violence does kind of hit you out of nowhere in the second half of the video—but as mentioned above, the pairing is not a traditional pairing (read: hebephilia). Viewers are prone to intentional squicky feelings. Additionally, on a side note, I have some flashy hard cuts to white that may possibly(?) induce temporary blindness, but if you’ve heard the song before, they’re expected. If you are still interested in watching this video, look no further than below.

Also, as with most of my videos, there’s a color motif running throughout the video: color denotes victim. Props to whoever can find the foreshadowing in the first half of the vid that slightly gives away what happens in the second half (yes, it has something to do with the color motif).

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music: Muse - Uprising
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The Brave One MV - Be Yourself  
03:20pm 07/03/2010

Artist: Audioslave
Song: Be Yourself
Pairing: Hints of Erica/Mercer, Erica/David
Time: 1:47
Summary: A fanvid of "The Brave One," a revenge crime/drama flick starring Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard. Full IMDB summary here if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyhow, the insanity that drove me to create this fanvid is my usual uncommon lyrical interpretation/application and knack for color symbolism. Hence, cue the exposition.
Crossposted: fan_vids

My main focus for this vid was mostly Erica’s (Jodie Foster) transformation into a cold-blooded killer after her boyfriend’s mugging and murder. The video focuses on how her isolation, depression, and paranoia eventually lead to the purging of all her anger and contempt in the form of vigilantism. Isolation and paranoia are blue tints—most at the beginning of the video—while pink/red/orange tints are mostly rage and violence—all are in an abrupt burst during the second half of the video. Erica’s trigger point for her transformation, namely David’s murder, is also intentionally placed between the major tint change and before the chorus in order to signify the moment where things begin to “speed up.” As a side note, yellow scenes are flashbacks to Erica’s content life before David’s death.

And yet, somehow, the whole friendship/romance subplot between Erica and Detective Mercer (Terrence Howard) got mixed up in there. So this is kind of a semi-shipper video, with the shippy scenes interwoven into the greater piece. I thought it would be interesting to explore the parallel situations of heartbreak and isolation that both Erica and Mercer experienced, and how this connection helped Erica to complete her quest for vengeance.

Plus, the tint fade from pink/red to blue at the last shot of Erica’s face deliberately signifies her return to a somewhat normal state after releasing all of her emotions.

YouTube. Download It.

And here's a repost of an old video that I idiotically deleted.

Artist: Pink
Song: Who Knew
Pairing: Bruce/Rachel
Time: 3:24
Summary: A lot of things change over the course of 7 years...but some things just don't change at all.
Crossposted: batmanbegins

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music: Marianas Trench - Masterpiece Theater III
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House M.D. MV - Was It A Dream?  
10:13pm 21/08/2009

Artist: 30 Seconds To Mars
Song: Was It A Dream?
Pairing: House/Cuddy
Time: 2:33
Spoilers: 5x23: Under My Skin, 5x24: Both Sides Now
Summary: A Huddy vid exploring House's perception of the events between him and Cuddy in "Under My Skin." Slight sepia tones are House's perceptions of the past and his delusions. Blue tints are in present time and are House's perceptions of reality.
Crossposted: fan_vids, house_cuddy, housemd,

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music: The Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
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Smallville MV - "Feeling Good"  
09:29pm 16/08/2009

Artist: Muse
Song: Feeling Good
Pairing: No specific pairing, whatever's present in Noir is there.
Time: 3:15
Spoilers: 6x20: Noir
Summary: My tribute to 6x20: Noir. Jimmy centric. I made this quite a while ago, but put off posting it until now. Enjoy.
"You live it everyday but from the outside, your real life's got Cagney and Stanwyck written all over it.You've got your billionaire mogul, you've got your confused damsel who chose money over love and the mysterious best friend who shows up everywhere because he can't seem to get a real job...Not to mention the steadfast dame they all depend on. "
Crossposted: fan_vids, smallville, smallville_fans, sv_vids

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music: James Blunt - Tears and Rain
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MVs: Batman Beyond, Heroes, Red Eye, & Elektra  
04:52pm 05/01/2008
Here are a bunch of videos that I made, but never bothered to post because I'm the laziest procrastinator in the entire world. I just spent the last four hours uploading and updating posts for these videos, so you better enjoy, or I'm coming after you.

Fandom: Batman Beyond
Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Song: A Beautiful Lie
Pairing: None
Time: 2:34
Summary: Following the origins (Batman Beyond, 1x01 & 1x02:Rebirth) and conclusions (Justice League Unlimited, 2x13: Epilogue) of Batman Beyond. People may fade, but legacies are forever.
Crossposted: fan_vids, holy_batman

YouTube. Download It.

Fandom: Heroes
Artist: Hilary Duff
Song: Stranger
Pairing: None
Time: 3:23
Summary: Niki/Jessica centric. Just two sides of the same coin. Niki's struggle for control and Jessica eventually rising as an anti-hero. I know the song's supposed to be about a couple, but taken into context, the lyrics could easily explain the relationship between Niki and Jessica and their battles for control.
Crossposted: fan_vids, heroes_show, heroes_nbc

YouTube. Download It.

Fandom: Red Eye
Artist: Relient K
Song: Be My Escape
Pairing: None
Time: 3:54
Summary: Lisa's struggles against Jackson, and her inner motivation for her rebellion. New version with better quality.
Crossposted: fan_vids

YouTube. Download It.

Fandom: Elektra
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Song: Until the End
Pairing: None
Time: 4:08
Summary: Elektra reminisces over her past and origins.
Crossposted: fan_vids, elektra_fans

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Bones MV - "In Sin City" (Trailer)  
05:11pm 02/08/2007

Artist: The Servant
Song: Cells (Instrumental)
Pairing: B/B (I guess)
Time: 1:06
Spoilers: Episode 2x08: The Woman in the Sand
Summary: A Bones trailer for episode 2x08: The Woman in the Sand, showing Brennan and Booth's undercover assignment in Vegas. Or something like a trailer. Honestly, I was just screwing around with Adobe Premiere Elements trying to figure out how to use some of the effects. I was shooting for a Sin City look. Kind of.Sorry for any weird sounds in the dialogue. I don't have a sound editing program.
Crossposted: boothandbrennan, 206_bones, bones_tvseries

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Bones MV - "Caught in the Sun"  
06:11pm 28/03/2007
Just another Bones vid from me. Yes, it's another Booth/Brennan shipper.

Artist: Course of Nature
Song: Caught in the Sun
Pairing: B/B
Time: 4:49
Summary: Follow Brennan and Booth through their triumphs and their troubles.
Crossposted: boothandbrennan, 206_bones

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